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The sex industry

  A personal view.

The sex industry, in all it's malignant forms; Abuses and destroys it's victims, to such an extent, that they are no longer human beings.
They are merely fleshed robots, sexual fodder, whore holes, sexual receptacle's, un-dead slaves, who arrived at these God forsaken Hell holes, via multiple reasons and the inevitable consequences of life's tragedies and trauma's.

Many of these women (also males and children) are the victims of sex trafficking, which accounts for the most common form.
Many are lured via the promise of respectable jobs, having themselves or their families threatened. Their passports taken and told that they are in debt to their new owners. Or they are sold or abducted into trafficking, and are controlled by threats, violence and rape.
Then there are the victims of sexual, physical and mental abuse; the prerequisite to prostitution and pornography, who suffer from PTSD. In which there is a continuation of abuse, self loathing, self harm, and a re-inaction of the abuse itself.( Please see my recent post 'A letter to the man who destroyed my innocence'  This is an emotional perspective on PTSD.)
Combined with substance abuse, self worthlessness and de-humanisation and detachment. Which leads to the perpetuating cycle of numbing the pain and trauma of child abuse, with substance abuse and therefore prostituting their bodies in order to buy the substances. And, I stress the word bodies, because that is all they possess. Their minds have long been fragmented, along with their souls.
 Prostitution has always been an oppression of women, as we know 'it's the oldest profession in the world',  enforced by people who viewed their sexual needs as a 'human right' in which Rape was justified and preceded by monetary gain via the sex trade.
 Now, they have gone one step further, by procuring their victims by persuasive and/or threatening coercion and/or forceful measures, in order to obtain the bodies of women and children for no cost or very little. Which means massive profits for the pimps, controllers and pornographers.
There is also evidential correlation between pornography and prostitution and - rape, sexual violence, sex trafficking,sexually motivated homicide, child pornography, abuse and grooming of children...The list goes on.

No one with any decency, morals or virtues, would pimp and sexually exploit a human being.
 That fall's to the sexist, misogynistic and monetary exploitive, sexual deviants, who enjoy the best of both worlds...of making massive profits, whilst enjoying their evil gratifications.

This is simply 'Supply and Demand' for without demand, there would not be this diabolical human suffering of immeasurable and disposable victims.

The statistics of the sex trade

Abuse on a porn set

My hope..is that the world adopts this legislation..to criminalise the clients instead of the prostitutes..and especially that of child prostitutes.

Sweden's 1999 sex trade law

Monday, 25 March 2013

An unedited chapter of my horrific experience in sex trafficking!

EXCLUSIVE!! Please check out an unedited chapter of my horrific time in sex trafficking, posted by my good friend at antipornography.org!

 Also please check out their website whilst you are there, to see the incredible harms of pornography,prostitution,sexual abuse etc..It is a brilliant source of information and education!
Please share/comment to help other victims/survivors...Thank you! :)

You can see my horrendous story here -  

Sunday, 24 March 2013

"How many bound and gagged females can you fit in a Figo hatchback?"

Answer- 3 apparently..I wonder if they actually tested it out??


This is an Indian advertising campaign for Figo Htchback in order to demonstrate the car's roomy boot. Which was unveiled only a few days after the indian parliment passed a major anti-rape law, incited by the country's shocking sexual violence and murders of females.

This is akin to VW plugging the size of their vehicles car space, by depicting how many Jew's you can fit in the boot; During the holocaust.

I was deeply shocked and angry when I saw this. Don't  these advertising guy's actually realise that they are mocking and contributing to the objectification of females, in a world of unrelenting sexism, rape culture and physical and sexual abuse...And does Ford approve of this.


Ford have apologised...But my guess is that it was a publicity stunt. And my concerns are the poll and the comments on this link from the Toronto sun in a poll.... more people thought the advert was hilarious rather than appalled... and the frivolous comments underneath. Now this is the real concern...



Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Book...



Here are some wonderful 5star reviews
This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback)
Every so often someone like Suzzan Blac comes along and turns the inside world out. Before I read her book I was familiar with Suzzan's ability to visually channel pain while healing it. What I didn't know, was the full extent of her story until two days ago. If I didn't have work to do or errands to run I would have read the book in one sitting. I found the quality of the author's narrative natural and affectionate. This is important because this book is no easy ride. With a strong comforting voice the author guides the reader through some of the worst human conditions. The book has a very inspirational and positive outcome. It left me with an enduring and personable impression of Suzzan Blac as a real human being. I highly recommend The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac, not only as a reference to an artist's life but also as an effective healing agent for emotional trauma.
This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac  (a world renowned painter) (Paperback)
I gave this book five stars because of the deep emotions fabricated into the words of the book. Suzzan Blac is a true inspiration to people going through a tough time and starving artists everywhere. Buy this book at once! You will truly be inspired by this wonderful and strong Woman. 
This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback)
I stumbled upon Suzzan's artwork on[...] the other day.
I am an artist (a young artist) myself, but surreal works do not always impress me. I saw her piece "Your Suffering Is Real", and then I was amazed by "Madonna and Child". I was instantly intrigued as to why a person would paint something so sad and painful.
I clicked on her page to see if I could find her story, and she happened to have this book out.

I bought it immediately. As a person who saw her artwork first, I was dying to know what happened to her.

This book is amazing in horrific ways. To hear that a person could go through abuse as frequent and long as Suzzan did is incredulous. There were parts I had to read more than once to make sure my eyes were in fact giving me the right information. What made this story so amazing and set apart from others is her recovery and victory over her sad life. To be functioning at all after her abuse is amazing, to me at least, but to go above and beyond that and FIGHT BACK is what makes this story worth reading. It is not a story of how life is suffering and humans are doomed to wallow in sadness. It is a story of how a woman, through things that would make ordinary people kill themselves, was able to recover, enjoy her life, and fight for those who are still suffering the way she did.

As for how the book was written, it is very easy to read. The subject, on the other hand, is not easy to read. I finished this book in less than a day. Her metaphors and descriptions bring you into the mind of an artist who has been injured beyond belief, and the words on the page were beautiful in the most horrific way. Just like her artwork. (Which everyone needs to see).

As an artist and a woman, I 100% suggest that anyone and everyone read this book. It is painful to read, especially to those who have not gone through something similar. It is often a topic the world likes to say "Yes we know, please move on." It is hard to talk about, read about and know about.
But this book needs to be read. Abuse like this happens every day.
And the more people know, the more we can do to put an end to suffering.
 his review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback) suzzan blac is truly an inspiration in all she does. she has overcome obstacles that no human should ever have to face let alone a child. she speaks for all people that you dont have to be a result of your past but rather a blessing and a new beginning and a positive role model for the future. her book is intense and real and i hope everyone reads it because well this is life you cant close your eyes and pretend it doesnt exist. the more you know the more you will be able to prevent these attrocities from occuring. the book was an incredible read and i found it relatable to my own history. she speaks to my soul and im sure to many others who have fealt and carried the burden of guilt and shame when it was not there burden to carry nor their fault. way to go suzzan!!!! by the way go check out her incredible art work and read this bookkkkk!!!!!!! shes amazing people spread the name!! 
  review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback) I have seen suzzans work and I have heard her life stories first hand, I am a massive fan of her beautifully disturbing work as I have always called it,both paintings and literature, I am a carer who has used this material for study and also for self healing of my own, I feel in this day and age there is no other way to discribe the hurt and pain others suffer and we all know visual representive pieces work on all levels, her book and paintings go hand in hand complimenting each other,this is a must read for people who need to feel they are not alone and also for those who are generally curious to what actually happens in the shadows. I recommend this book on several levels it will chill you to the bone but it has light at the end of the tunnel. 
This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback)
I have known about Suzzan's art work for quite some time now. I first found her on Myspace and was immediately amazed by her art work, although I didn't know much about her back ground and the reason why she produced the art work she did, I was still very impressed and felt connected with the pain portrayed in her paintings. After reading her Autobiography (The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac) I can now see the full picture and it all makes perfect sense as to what she was trying to tell us in her paintings. Her story is not for the faint of heart, yet should be read by ALL to remind us that this evil she encountered on many occasion throughout her life is not only very real, but can happen to anyone of us. I applaud her for her bravery and honesty in writing this book because through her words and art works she continues to fight against the abuse.
 his review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback) A good friend highly recommended this book and lent me her copy. I, unwittingly, started reading at bedtime. I thought I would just read a few chapters and go to bed. Well, that didn't happen. Try as I might, I couldn't put it down, because I so invested I had to see what happened next. Three hours later, when I finished the book, I was too stunned to sleep. (It was worth the sleep deprivation!) Suzzan's story is thought provoking and an emotional experience that one cannot soon forget. Yet, in the end, it is a powerful one that inspires inner strength, courage and healing. I have since purchased my own copy and will be doing some recommending and lending of my own. Also, if you have the chance to check out the author's artwork, do it. She is amazingly talented! 
This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback)
Reading Suzzan's story reminded me that if Dante (were alive), he would have to amend the Inferno to include such cruelty and abuse that Suzzan Blac had to endure as its own level of Hell.
Her inner child's strength and resilience is what I celebrated by the end of the book.
Art therapy is the greatest tool any child (or adult) could utilize to "draw" one out of the internal n external prisons.
I would say it's a difficult read, but not in the traditional sense.
It's difficult because I couldn't step back in time and help this brave child.
I recommend this book to be read to show how one can EMPOWER themselves no matter what life hands them.
Art supports sanity.
Suzzan Blac is proof of how a soul can triumph!
This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (a world renowned painter) (Paperback)
I had become acquainted with Suzzan's incredible works of art through what she has shared on Facebook, but I knew little of who she was or her tortured past. When I got news that this book was to finally be released, I eagerly bought a copy and awaited its arrival. I had no idea what I was in for

From the very beginning, it reads like almost like a horror novel. Each new atrocity revealed page by page weighed so much on me that I didn't want to believe so much evil could possibly happen to a person, much less a child. But the stark honesty and undeniable soul in the voice of the narrative assures that the victim, our hero and humble narrator of the book, is intensely real and completely human. At times, I hadn't the constitution to keep reading... the accounting of abuse became too much and I shed more than a few tears knowing that not only did this happen to Suzzan, but it IS happening to far too many children the world over.

But just when things become the darkest for her, Suzzan pulls herself up by her bootstraps. There has never been a better example of 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' as she proves herself to be unbelievably strong, and especially so when she is blessed with children of her own; children she showers with love and affection, and protects unfailingly from the evils which she endured.

Suzzan is an impeccable artist. But more than that, she is a survivor, a hero, a lifeboat and beacon of hope for all who have suffered the kinds of abuse that she has. Her art is simply a tool to helping fellow victims and exposing to the world great evils which have for far too long been kept behind closed doors.

'The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac' could not be a more apt and appropriate title for this triumph of a book. 
Amazon U.K

This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (Paperback)
 When I first read "The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac" it only took me a couple of hours. I swallowed it, well aware that it would make me feel sick afterwards. The fact is that it dragged me through several emotions- from bitterness, sadness, weakness and speechlessness to anger, aggression and the desire to change things- and by doing this it seriously gave me hope.
Suzzans story is one of the most disturbing autobiographies I've ever heard of. Yet I refuse calling her a victim. She is a survivor.
She survived child abuse, rape, sex-slavery and countless forms of being humiliated. And she has grown to become a loving mother, caring friend, incredible artist. Her surrealist paintings deal with the things people don't like to speak (or even think) about. In her book, she speaks about those same things.
It is an intense read. I'm grateful and full of respect for people who provide their reader with such an amount of unfiltered, often painful honesty. Despite all the horror that happened to this strong and admirable person, she manages to embrace her pain and transform it into remarkable strength. In her work, this book, her paintings, she raises attention and functions as a beacon- for other survivors and for those, who cope with survivors. We are not alone in this and whenever you feel you could use a bit of support to cope- this is the book you'll want to pick up. I do.
 This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (Paperback)
 I finished this book in about 10 hours which is unheard of for me. I just couldn't put it down. Suzzan's personal journey from the day she was born opens your eyes to the horrors and cruelty that 'human beings' inflict on each other. This amazing lady has overcome some of life's most horrific and tragic blows and today stands as a strong, independent, incredible woman. This book is brilliantly written, it pulls you in so that you feel that you are walking along side her as she describes her life struggles. The world very much needs this book and although it will shock some people, it's time we opened our eyes and stood up to the fact that this is an everyday reality for many, many children, teenagers and even men and women. The longer we accept this subject as taboo, the more it will continue, the worse it will become. Suzzan's story forces this reality out in the open. She is an incredibly brave lady to have told her story, and she did so to help others and to let people out there know that they are not alone. I would recommend to anyone and EVERYONE to buy and read this book, it will make you cry and give you hope.
 This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (Paperback)
 I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldnt put it down. The author has certainly had a traumatic life. I have looked at some of her art work on youtube and I find it nightmarish though after reading this book I can understand why her art is so dark. This book is highly recommended
 This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (Paperback)
I read this book in a few hours, I could not put it down. It can be very difficult to read an autobiography when it is so chilling a story, but this is beautifully written and flows wonderfully. Suzzan is a very talented artist, not only on canvas, and her words paint just as vivid a picture as her paintbrush. Hopefully by reading this, others will be inspired to speak out, and to learn that they are not alone.
I've been a big fan of Suzzan Blac since early adolescence, when she first became known to the internet back in 2007. At the time I was going though my own pains, and horror and dark art served as my escapism - as it did for Suzzan.
When I heard she was releasing an autobiography, I was overjoyed. I expected to be shocked, to be appalled at her life story - I have always believed that art is about deep emotional expression, and dark art was the expression of pain - I was not let down. If anything, I found her book to be more shocking, more horrific than I had expected. And, looking again through her online gallery, I began to recognise the people and events her works represent. That scared me, knowing how real these people were, how personal and directly they are to the artist. This makes it more spin-chilling than a general representation of an already grotesque area of society.

 I have seen suzzans work and I have heard her life stories first hand, I am a massive fan of her beautifully disturbing work as I have always called it,both paintings and literature, I am a carer who has used this material for study and also for self healing of my own, I feel in this day and age there is no other way to discribe the hurt and pain others suffer and we all know visual representive pieces work on all levels, her book and paintings go hand in hand complimenting each other,this is a must read for people who need to feel they are not alone and also for those who are generally curious to what actually happens in the shadows. I remmond this book on several levels it will chill you to the bone but it has light at the end of the tunnel.

 This review is from: The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac (Paperback)

 The Rebirth of Suzzan Blac is a disturbing, intense but ultimately inspirational story of remarkable human endurance against truly inhuman abuse. This book has the power to revolt and amaze in equal measure and i did find certain passages surprisingly moving. A sad indictment of how fellow man (and woman) can treat each other, even in their own family, and how, despite the odds, you can emerge from the other side with your dignity. If i have one small criticism, its the the lack of a picture section to view the authors paintings which i feel would have added an extra dimension, but the front cover gives you a taste and it doesn't detract anything from the power of the story. If you only buy one book this year, buy this one, you won't regret it

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Boys will be Boys!

 Now that the Steubenville boys are locked up and Two teenage girls were charged with menacing today for allegedly threatening the victim...

 I for one am relieved!
I cannot say how many times I have been infuriated by the leniency of perpetrators and the victim blaming of courts and society.
 It's always the same when it's a celebrity or sports personality. The media often reports about the 'tragedy'' of the now tainted offender and how they have 'ruined their career' etc..
 I guess in this case, the eyes of the world were upon Steubenville and they probably felt that they needed to hold these people accountable

But, my guess is..that if it wasn't for the 'evidence' and obvious outrage that they posted naked images of the victim...this case would of been under the radar and the prosecution would of torn the victim to shreds by victim blaming..ie..she was drunk,she wore revealing clothes, she had plenty of sexual experiences...etc.. and it's good to hear that they are taking the internet threats seriously..after all, they wouldn't want another Amanda Todd on their hands do they! 

Here is the video where the 'Boys' are joking about the victim...

Michael Nodianos is the speaker in the video.
Drunk Steubenville High School athletes making jokes about the rape of a 16 year old girl, whose violation was tweeted, pics posted to social networks and more back in august,.

Here is the misogynistic text that was provided for court's evidence...


Here is a screengrab of the malicious online texts....


Victim Blaming!!  
 like the Steubenville victim..for being intoxicated... The Glen Ridge victim was equally blamed...for being 'promiscuous' even though she had the mental age of an 8 year old!

High school football team raped mentally challenged girl 

It's not just 'Rape culture' it's 'Blame culture' That exacerbates the psychological trauma of the victim and hinders recovery. And this goes for most victims of rape...unless there is DNA and/or physical trauma evidence...

The primary cause of sex trafficking.....

Let's talk about rape...

 My experiences of rape. 

                                         'Shut up and take it!'
        From my album 'The things that people don't like to talk about'

To me personally; Rape is secondary to murder. I can say that, because I myself was a victim of numerous rapes. So I know exactly how it feels.
  Both your mind and your soul are murdered. I would of rather have been physically beaten, than have had those men use their penises as internal weapons.
 Those penile weapons penetrated and violated my very personal and private parts. Those parts of my body, meant for love,intimacy and the place where my children would grow and be born. And those rapists knew, that they would contaminate my mind for the remainder of my life. Their evil polluted my psyche, and that those most abhorrent and traumatic assaults could never be erased. That is the rapists power, their enjoyment. And their pleasure. Rapists don't rape in order to satisfy their libido. They rape in order to gain control and power. They get off on debasing, degrading,humiliating and hurting the victim. 
 There are heterosexual men in prison who rape other heterosexual men for those very reasons. They know that raping another human being is ultimate power and degradation. Violating a persons most intimate parts has a profound and everlasting psychological impact, far transcending that of physical abuse. There is also 'War rape' Of both males and females, frequently used as a means of psychological warfare in order to humiliate the enemy and to destroy the social fabric of society.

Rape is something that you never recover from psychologically. Not just the rape itself, but the repercussions, such as secondary victimisation.
You cannot talk openly about it ( or indeed report it) easily, as you can about other crimes against a person. Unlike being mugged or physically assaulted, where the person affected will gain sympathy.  You are stigmatised, condemned, isolated, abandoned. You are 'damaged goods'  You are 'soiled'. 

And the shame of it;  is all over you~ and deep inside of you. Forever.

 Most rapes are committed by the men who are known to women. It could be a husband, boyfriend, relative, friend, acquaintance or a new date. These type of rapes are rarely reported because they don't fit the victimology of a violent stranger rape and the woman is usually in a relationship and has frequent sex with the male. Or in the case of date rape, the woman may begin by engaging in sexual activity, but the male may become forceful against her consent and she won't report it, because she will blame herself and it will be a case of  'He said - She said'.

There are many reasons as to why men rape. One being 'Anger rape' when the male possesses an extreme hatred towards women and the aim is purely to humiliate, debase and hurt the victim.

Another, is 'power rape' where the male compensates feelings of inadequacy. Raping victims feeds their issues of mastery, control, strength, authority and capability; to assert their competency and validate their masculinity.
The power rapist fantasises about sexual conquests and believes that the victim initially resists them, and once they overpower their victim 'she will eventually enjoy it'. Or as in the case of pimps and traffickers, using rape to gain power and control over their commodity.

Lastly there is 'sadistic rape' in which there is such a sexual transformation of anger and power that the aggression itself is eroticised. The excitement is achieved by inflicting pain and maltreatment upon his victim, he finds immense gratification in the victims torment, anguish, distress, helplessness and suffering, exacerbated by pornographic rape; in where the female secretly desires to be raped, even by multiple men.

This leads me to the relationship between the sex industry and rape. The acceptance, normalcy and accessibility of the sex industry, reinforces the fantasy which increases sexual violence against women, (and also men and children)  who are perceived as mere sexual objects who can be used and abused by males.
Pornography is so dangerous because it eroticises the domination, humiliation and coercion of females. Pornographers film women being gang raped, sometimes by hundreds of males. She is portrayed as a wanton woman who is never satisfied by one man and is shown to smile, enjoy it and have multiple orgasms. Pornographers edit the pre-drug party, the crying, screaming, vomiting, trip to the emergency room with internal damage, std's and the possibility of infertility.
Studies have shown the link between sexual offenders and pornography that positively correlates to sexual assault by endorsing such fantasises. Some offenders believed and insisted that their victims not only enjoyed being raped but also enjoyed the violence.
Therefore pornography leads to a higher acceptance of rape, violence and other myths against women and general sexual callousness; this also applies to child molesters and child pornography.

I am going to extend the reasons of rape; to that of 'Entertainment rape'. 
 Since the mobile phone explosion, there is now the capacity to photograph, film and text sexual crimes all over the internet.
 Females are viewed as sexual objects that can be abused,humiliated, degraded, mocked and used to amuse others as mere entertainment.

No one deserves to be raped in any capacity, whether they are intoxicated,under the influence of drugs, whether they are promiscuous, whether they wear revealing clothes, whether they are Nuns or whether they are prostitutes. This is victim blaming!

 Blame the RAPISTS!

 Male victims don't parade about in mini skirts and are to blame, because they are drunk! And neither do elderly women and children. Society, the media and the judiciary system only blame young women..Why? Because they provoked the rapist or asked for it?? 

The long term psychological suffering and trauma of the victim is immeasurable. My feelings are, that the judicial system needs educating. Not only in the understanding of sex offenders and the logistics of rape, but of the severe impact it has on the victims.
There needs to be a universally revised legislation regarding sentencing of sexual offenders.
The leniency and lack of consequences is both a mockery and a diabolical injustice to the victims, whom society fails on many levels; thus further empowering the perpetrators. Unfortunately, we still reside in a world of sexism,objectification, misogyny, patriarchy and apathy; which all facilitates the oppression of females.

And I think that one way to combat this, is to teach children about these contributing factors by external agencies within schools. That would be a crucial start to address these issues. 

War rape 
Porn increases violence towards women 
Pornography use and sexual aggression 
Causes of sexual violence 
Pornography;Men possessing women 
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