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The porn proposition

Time and time again during my research I have found examples of unethical practices within the porn industry that have lead to permanent physical and emotional damage to its performers. I am not going to address the affects on the viewers of pornographic material here, only the affects and protection of those involved in the production.
if such guidelines could not be met, then the industry should not exist.

Testimonials from ex-porn actors, contain physical abuses such as choking, slapping, forcible insertions into the throat causing haemorrhaging of the throat and eyes caused by asphyxiation. Rupturing of the vaginal and anal lining caused by insertion of foreign objects and fisting. Bacterial infections caused by transference from the anus to the vagina or mouth. As well as being urinated or defecated upon. Semen and other fluids coming on contact with the eyes causing infections. And sexually transmitted diseases leading to long term damage such as infertility to name a few.

The emotional harm can include feelings of worthlessness and degradation. Self hate and self objectification. Depression, complex PTSD, substance addiction and even suicide.These are not fringe examples and are in fact some of the most popular types of pornography.

Coercion and manipulation plays a large part in the recruitment of young women into pornography.

 Agents of the porn industry will target young and naive girls, Women who have a history of sexual abuse are often targeted by producers, as they know they will be easy to manipulate.
Advertisements for glamour modelling, or being approached by agents who at the time will focus on money. [2] On university campuses for example, where it is played as a way to cover tuition fees. Many are runaways from broken homes. Who often end up in strip clubs, then are approached by scouts to enter into pornography.

'When you tell a person what they can’t have, they’ll often try to convince you that you’re wrong. This is especially true for the college aged who have recently left the safety of the nest to try their wings out on their own for the first time. When recruiting new porn actresses, I understood this very well and used it to my advantage.' [3]

Ex porn actors say they were often not told the details of what they will be asked to do, until right before they are expected to do it. Where they learn they will be obligated to perform an act they may not be willing to. Aggression is often used to make them conform.

Well, you’re gonna do it or we’re not gonna pay you, we’re going to sue you.’ And now with the Internet they tell the girls, ‘If you don’t do this scene, we’re going to send your porn to your family members, we’re gonna ruin your reputation, you’re never gonna work again' [1] [4]

Testimonies have shown that although a performer may at one time say they they are happy with what they are doing, they often come out later to say that in fact they were not. And for whatever reason they were compelled or coerced to lie.

You sometimes have to lie on the job (or be quiet) in order to “maintain the fantasy” for men or your image.

“Instantly the grilling started. He (Howard Stern) seemed determined to know what had a made a girl like me become a porn star. I told him I loved. Sex. I told him I loved the attention. But it wasn’t enough for him. He kept saying that something didn’t compute. He asked if I had a screwed-up childhood, and I said no. He asked if my parents had been strict, and I said no. He asked if my dad and I still talked, and I said we did. He asked if my mom minded what I was doing, and I said no. I had decided in advance that it was better not to discuss her death on the air. I didn’t think I could handle it.” (Pg. 391)
“But then Howard asked me if I’d ever been molested or abused. It was the one question I wasn’t prepared for.”
‘No’, I told Howard, in answer to his question. I lied like a rug. I wasn’t ready to tell anybody about any of this, (being gang raped, beaten and left for dead), and I certainly wasn’t ready to deal with Howard’s reaction. I didn’t want anyone to think that I was in the business because I was a victim.” (Pgs. 391 and 395) by Jenna Jameson [6]

Although this may not be typical of all producers of pornography. A porn video that has been produced unethically is, by its self indistinguishable from one that has been produced ethically.[34][35]
And I think that profiteers of pornography should adhere to precedents set in other industries.

  1. No active recruitment
    That no employers or representatives from the porn industry actively solicit or attempt to recruit young men or women into the industry.*

*Pornographers should have to demonstrate that they're performers were not coerced into doing anything. And I would consider active recruitment to be nothing less that coercion.

  1. Informed consent
    Employers should be responsible for insuring employees understand fully the nature of the role, and the long term ramifications of it. And are capable of making a reasoned choice about what they are doing.

*by ensuring, for example that they are emotionally mature enough to fully understand the long term ramifications. That they are free from addiction, which may influence their judgement.

They should also be informed of the dangers of certain sex acts such as anal sex.

    They should also be obligated to inform them of their rights under law.

  1. Responsibility for physical and emotional well being
    The employer should be responsible for ensuring that the employee is of suitable emotional well being before they start.*

*by ensuring, for example that they are emotionally mature enough to fully understand the long term ramifications. That they are free from addiction, which may influence their judgement.

    Employers should be responsible for the physical, mental and emotional well being of it's employees.*
*by ensuring that employees undertake a regular physical health test, which should include:
A weekly STD screening.
A physical examination of sexual organs for signs of injuries sustained whilst working. To include an ultra-sound scan in order to detect any signs of infertility due to pelvic inflammatory disease such as chlamydia which can have no symptoms but is a known cause of infertility.

    Employers should be held liable for any physical or emotional effects caused by what they have asked their employees to do.

  1. Right to withdraw
    The right to withdraw from any participation at any point without giving a reason. and at no point should they be physically inhibited from doing so.*

*all contracts should include a 'get out clause', allowing performs to cease activities at any point. And upon doing so, that choice should be accepted, and no effort to coerce the performer into continuing should be allowed to take place. 

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Written by
Suzzan Blac and Simon Hooper

Friday, 14 August 2015

Response to a prostitution apologist

I came across this kyle Kulinski video regarding Amnesty's decision to decriminalise sex workers, pimps and brothels.  His analysis of things is often very intelligent and he is passionate about what he is discussing. But this time I feel that he hasn’t done his research.

He backs up his claims from a t.v reality show and says "Go ask the girls at the bunny ranch"

He makes two main arguments -

One is a strawman, saying that everybody who is against legalising prostitution is old fashioned and puritanical. That sex is wrong and paying for sex is just immoral on the face of it. Also that we are calling everybody who says that they are happy in prostitution liars.

The second is a composition fallacy. Saying that prostitution is always better when it is legal. He makes the comparison between alcohol prohibition, and how making it illegal made the situation worse. And assumes that the case is the same with prostitution.

The reason we are against it, is because we can see that even in cases where prostitution is legal, there is still exploitation.

Here is an example of a mega brothel in Germany, where prostitution is legal. It was recently raided by police under suspicion of human trafficking, forced prostitution and fraud.

'Josie, who’s 23 and has spent four years in the sex trade, reckons she has slept with 15,000 men. The key item in her make-up bag is a tube of Xylocaine, a local anaesthetic gel that numbs the inevitable physical pain that results from sleeping with up to 20 men a day.'

A report on the legal sex industry in Nevada, showing how it really works in a legal brothel.

"Legalising this industry does not result in the closing down of illegal sex establishments," says Farley, "it merely gives them further permission to exist."

 A 2-year research study of Nevada legal and illegal prostitution and sex trafficking reveals human rights violations against women in the Nevada legal brothels.

Testimonial from an former sex worker.

"What happens in legal brothels is sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sometimes rape," Farley said. "Despite the claims to the contrary, legal prostitution does not protect women from the violence, verbal abuse, physical injury or diseases such as HIV that occur in illegal prostitution."

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The betrayal of a human rights organization

Today, Amnesty International voted for the global decriminalisation of  'Sex work' because 'Sex workers' are marginalised and face constant risk of violence and abuse'. Now I wonder who on earth could possibly exploit, own, sell, rape, violently assault and murder these girls and women?
 It couldn't be the flesh traders and buyers could it, after all they totally love and respect their merchandise and they would never dream of forcing a girl into that kind of 'work' Even though, one of their motto’s is  'Why sell drugs once when you can sell one girl thousands of times'  And what of those who 'choose' this work? Maybe some do- But our concern is the millions who don't. Those who are coerced or forced. Those who are desperately poor. Or those who have unresolved PTSD. As any therapist can tell you, there is a strong link between child & adolescent sexual abuse and long term high risk sexual behaviours. Especially present when the victim is substance addicted.

 I, along with many other advocates and sex trafficking victims are mortified, sickened and angry at a 'Human rights' movement who are normalising and protecting men's rights to buy and use girls/woman's bodies however and  whenever they wish, in order to satisfy their sexual deviancies, power and hatred. Amnesty states that 'Sex workers' will be safer and that it will lessen sex trafficking. Really? None had reported being victims of this violence, which they considered "part of the job". I think they have listened to a lot of pimp talk, because even in countries where it is legal like Germany. Girls and women are suffering from their abusive clients and being trafficked within legal brothels. And are you really that na├»ve to think that the pimps and brothel owners will treat their 'workers' with dignity and respect. And that they will not provide young girls..When the demand for young girls is escalating beyond measure, in countries whether it's legal,illegal, decriminalised or not. It does not matter to the flesh traders, because they are only interested in PROFITS. Ask yourselves this-
Who else would profit, if 'sex work' was decriminalised.

Amnesty denies and dismisses survivors, treating them like defects that don't deserve a voice..

In  Decriminalised New Zealand in 2013..
Former prostitutes and their advocates are calling for clients of sex workers to be prosecuted, saying the decriminalisation of the industry has failed them

 Full pdf of petition and more reading here-

Sexual slavery, forced drug-taking in Decriminalised NSW brothels on the rise

Pimps force under-age girls to work in Nevada brothels, Oregon police say

"What happens in legal brothels is sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sometimes rape,

Nevada declared most dangerous and lethal state for the sex industry

 Romania's disappearing girls

 I feel that they have made this decision from the purses of pimps. Because money talks and the sex industry talks billions of profits, made from the holes of young girls and women who often don't have the choice. For example, Domestic abuse and impoverished parents selling their own daughters. I could cite references for months, maybe years. But I don't have that luxury of time and besides, you don't have to be an expert, a professional, an academic, a feminist or a survivor to understand that mentally healthy girls and women would never sell their flesh to many men a day in order to "pay their bills or have a flexible work schedule", as you stated in your draft. You never once mentioned the mental health, PTSD and serious drug addictions of many of these women. The self sexual denigration and dissociation that occurs in most adolescents who were sexually abused by men. Yes, by all means decriminalise prostituted people and help them to attain health and social care. You need to criminalise the flesh traders who exploit and the buyers who create the demand. But, you won't do that will you Amnesty. You believe that men are entitled to women's bodies and need to fulfil their sexual desires. Why don't you read the language of the buyers and understand, that it's not about sex. It is the same as rape. It's about power, control and hate. Good men don't use women, good men love women.
 Amnesty International​ - You have demonstrated today, that you have ignored and dismissed the countless victims and survivors of sex trafficking. And that you have assigned girls and women a second class status and you have jeopardised millions more vulnerable women and children, who will be at greater risk at the hands of flesh traders and buyers across the globe. Your actions and watching you all celebrate with your glasses of champagne today, have caused myself and many others who were forced by pimps into prostitution. Utter distress, disbelief, anger and emotions that triggered and exacerbated our traumas, beyond words.