Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Worlds Special Secret

 'Our Special Secret'

 I have long maintained my belief that paedophilia is a sexual orientation. That it is an inate sexual preference which normally begins around puberty just as any other sexual preference. And that there is no 'cure'. Just as you cannot cure a heterosexual or a homosexual.
There are many levels and ranges of  child molestation. For example, there are exclusive and non-exclusive paedophiles. Those who never act on their desires, but think that watching child pornography is harmless-  To those who are career paedophiles and spend 24/7 on their obsessions. There are paedophiles that never sexually abuse children and non-paedophiles that do (As for monetary purposes).

And although, I can sympathise with paedophiles who NEVER act on their sexual desires. Either by refraining from sexually abusing a child or consuming child pornography (which is the same as physically abusing them, and should warrant similar sentencing). Remember- Paedosexuality is not their choice. And how would you feel if it was your teenage son who sexually desired children?
However, I have NO sympathy for the paedophiles that DO act, and sexually abuse children. Even though they do not 'choose' to be paedosexual, which is extremely unfortunate. I believe that they are psychopathic, due to their lack of apathy for the victim or remorse and self sexual gratification. They are also the most manipulative,cunning and deceptive of psychopaths and are usually sexually obsessed. And will NEVER stop procuring and abusing children. I believe that these psychopaths should be housed within facilities such as Coalingas state hospital (see video below) for an indefinate period.
Regardless of their sexual orientation. It is not morally or legally acceptable. As children cannot consent to sex and are deeply harmed by the abuse and it's consequences. These psychopathic paedophiles will continue to abuse children, seeing them only as sexual objects for their own sexual gratification. It is also common knowledge that the recidivism rates of these offenders are extremely high. Even after 'Therapy' or even when they are on the sex offenders register and being monitored by the authorities.
I myself, as a survivor of sexual abuse would gladly contribute my taxes, to house psychopathic paedophiles within hospitals such as Coalinga.
I also feel that there should be more services,online advise and help available for adolecent (non psychopathic) paedophiles, to acknowledge their orientation and help them refrain from offending. Rather than leaving them to their own thoughts and feelings and the possibility of unwanted development, which could potentially result in child sexual abuse.
I think that we should-
Not only acknowledge,address and use preventative measures regarding safeguarding children from sexual abuse. We should also do the same with young (non psychopathic) offenders...In order to prevent as much sexual abuse that we can.
Child sexual abuse will never stop...But we can try to minimise it

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