Wednesday, 20 April 2016

#When I was...(Hashtag on twitter)

#When I was a baby - my Uncle sexually abused me.
#When I was six -  my mothers boyfriend sexually abused me for two years.
#When I was seven - Older boys would sexually assault me in the communal sheds.
#When I was eight - A disabled older boy would pin me against a wall and sexually assault me.
#When I was eleven - A boy at school, punched me hard in my breast. When I told a teacher, she tutted and said 'boys'
#When I was twelve - A man on the street punched me hard in my developing
breast. I flew down an embankment, couldn't breathe and vomited. He stood
there smiling before he left.
#When I was thirteen - My older brother fondled my breasts.
 #When I was thirteen - The 27 yr old boyfriend of my friends sister pretended he wanted to help dry my washed hair. He was sat in a chair and whilst rubbing my hair with a towel, he forced my face down onto his erect penis.
#When I was thirteen - A 23 yr old man had sex with me whilst I 'Froze' He asked me if I was a virgin. I said that I didn't know. His 18 yr old brother also pinned me down on a bed and forced 15 'Love bites' on my neck before letting me go.
 #When I was fourteen - My friends mom would ask her 17 yr old son to walk me to my home, as she feared for my safety. He would sexually assault me every-time.
#When I was fourteen - My art teacher kept asking me to meet after school. One afternoon he cornered me in the classroom and sexually assaulted me.
#When I was sixteen, I was duped and trafficked by a gang who forced me into pornography and prostitution.
#When I was twenty, I attended a mental health work placement centre. The doctor who saw me there, closed the blinds, lifted my top and bra up and fondled my breasts. Also, my main tutor offered me a lift in his car. He told me that he was 'Lonely' and forced a kiss on my lips.
#When I was twenty two - I went to the doctors about my depression. The doctor put his hand on my thigh and asked if he would like me to have him come see me at my flat.
#I have been sexually harassed throughout the years, in public, on public transport and at work places..Far too many to state on here.