Sunday, 16 June 2013

It's a judicial crime - to give the lesser charge of manslaughter on a child rapist and killer of a baby girl.

In my never-ending quest to seek answers and the reasons why - so many humans commit sexual violence with such impunity and total disregard of human life. And to receive such leniency in relation to their despicable crimes. I attempted to relate the rape and murder of yet another innocent baby, to any similar occurrences amongst primates. With the idea, that within these most vile and evil of people. There could be a possibility of inherent, primeval sexual urges. That were not being regulated and governed by higher brain functioning, which contributes enormously to our (so called) advanced civilization....

Baby girl raped and left dead in California.

Chimp stimulates itself sexually by using a frog.

Much to my surprise, I failed to find such material within the animal kingdom.
There was the odd 'rape' Which occurred amongst some creatures, such as Ducks and Dolphins.  But I found no comparison to this human act, which occurs on a major scale worldwide. And not just for sexual self gratification, but for monetary wealth also.  The video above, was my closest match. That of a young chimpanzee stimulating itself sexually by penetrating a frogs mouth and then discarding it when satiated and leaving it for dead.
Whereas, the human male- Jose Aguilar, who was refused sex by his partner (The mother of a baby girl) Became angry and told her that 'He would see to himself in the bathroom'. He then decided and proceeded to rape 9 month old Serenity. He bludgeon her skull,left her for dead, and then ran away.

Was this out of frustration? Anger? His sense of sexual entitlement? His uncontrollable sexual urges? His fantasy? or his psychopathy?

He then went on to lie about what had happened to Serenity. He said that she had fallen off the couch, even though she had suffered two separate, depressed skull fractures and severe trauma and destruction of her vagina.

And, this 'Sub-human' is only being charged with 1st degree MANSLAUGHTER! Meaning that, he is not culpable, because he didn't mean to kill her??!!
And please note the comments underneath this horrific news item. Society and the judicial system cannot blame the child (As in many rape victim blaming). So, they blame the mother.


So, let's not call people like Aguilar 'Animals'. Animals, don't actually rape and kill their young.
It seems that only Human sexual psychopaths do...
And despite their criminal pasts and high recidivism rate. They are often let back into society, after cheating the system and deceiving psychotherapists. To rape and kill again....

And although, I'm adverse to using this beautiful animal as a metaphor...I feel it's most apt...
' A leopard NEVER changes it's spots!'