Saturday, 17 August 2013

I think, therefore I am punished.

Sexist oppression- questions to ponder...

Why are so many men- vilified and threatened with sexual violence from women online,for speaking out against sexism?

Why do many jobs- pay women more than their male counterparts?

Why are young boys sexually conditioned and moulded to become mere objects, in order to satisfy and gratify females. Whereas- girls attributes,achievements and talents are usually encouraged and nurtured?

Why are young boys gender stereotyped into a life of housework,family organisation and main carers, even whilst often in employment?

Why are boys and men,often sexually objectified by parents, peers, manufactures, society and the media?

Why do so many males campaign about sexual objectification, because of the likes of page 3's near- naked men and lasses mags. When The Sun's female editor and politicians(mainly females) say- 'That page 3 is a British institution and is merely celebrating the manly form- If you don't like it-Then just turn the page'!?

Why are young boys constantly being bombarded in the media, by unobtainable body image and sexual attractiveness. As their only value of self worth and social acceptance?

Why do we have clinics and hospitals full of body conscious,anorexic boys, some as young as five years old?

Why do so many men resort to the detrimental effects of going under the knife, because they are so unhappy with the way that they look. And, in order to build self confidence and appeal to women. Often, resulting in deformities. Great pain and discomfort and a possible lifelong addiction to plastic surgery?

Why do so many women verbally abuse the larger and attractively challenged males by calling them fat and ugly. When it is said, 'That beauty is only skin deep'?

Why do so many women, call men who enjoy sexual relations and sleep around- Whores,slappers,slags,etc.. Whereas women, who like to sleep around. Are celebrated and esteemed with names such as Casanova, Don juan, Romeo? And why, when people use the word'Promiscuous' Do we immediately refer to males only, are females not promiscuous also?

Why do boys and men have to constantly worry about, what they are wearing and whether they are drinking or flirting too much, whenever they go out. Fearing that they could be blamed for being raped?

And why do males have to worry about the real possibility of sexual assault and be vigilant, whenever they are walking or jogging alone?

Why do so many rapes go unreported. Because male victims are stigmatised and prone to secondary victimisation, by society and the judiciary system?

Why are so many female priests, protected and moved from parish to parish. When they continuously commit clerical sexual abuse on innocent children?

Why are most of the worlds industries,companies, judicial, economic and political sectors- female dominated?

Why are there innumerous safe houses or refuges, for battered men around the globe?

Why are there innumerous professionals, helping to aid the trauma of male domestic violence?

Why are there world- wide police agencies, who train to understand and deal with male, domestic violence victims?

Why are there innumerous help lines for male victims of domestic abuse?

Why are there so many men, hospitalised for violent assault caused by their partners?

Why are two men a week (U.K) murdered by their female partners?

Why do so many men have to flee their homes, with their traumatised children every week. Move to secret locations and live in dreaded fear?

Why are these abusive women allowed contact with their traumatised children and often avoid any real punishment?

Why are there innumerous males, of all ages (and females) sexually molested and raped world wide, every day?

Why are there innumerous males, of all ages (and females) trafficked into pornography and/or prostitution world wide, every day?

Why are prostituted men (including juveniles) Arrested for selling sex, when they should be arresting the pimps and the Janes?

Why are female paedophiles shown such leniency in the courts and continue to procure and damage child victims with impunity. Disregarding their victims pain and trauma in order to achieve sexual, self gratification.  For even if they are 'Just'downloading child pornography, they are still causing those children to be sexually abused?

Why are mature/elderly women allowed to marry child grooms in certain cultures?

Why in certain cultures, are boys sold or forced to marry women?

Why are so many boys not educated and forced into prostitution to support their families?

Why are boys faces being burnt with acid or set on fire, because they rejected womens advances?

Why are boys and men in every corner of the world, having genital reconstructive surgery or dying from being gang raped?

Why were so many boys and men, murdered and being continuosly killed by sexually motivated, psychopathic women?

I'm going to stop listing these kinds of questions now, because I could actually continue for a long, long time. Perhaps even years.
 I could of started from the beginning. When that wicked Adam, tempted poor,innocent Eve and led her astray with his evil ways.
 Or when Charles Dickens had to use a female
pseudonym, because male writers were not taken seriously and it was considered a womans profession.
Or when men, were not allowed to train as Doctors or surgeons. Or able to go to Universities.
 Or when, up until recently, women could physically and sexually assault their husbands, without moral or illegal consequences.

 But I think that anyone reading this will get the picture. And if this picture were a gigantic jigsaw, I have only placed one piece down.
Male oppression has been and will continue to be prevalent around the world, unless we challenge and address it.

Unless we educate our young minds about sexism, along with racism.
Unless good women will stand up and fight alongside us and we no longer see- male versus female.
Just as we no longer see- black versus white. Or homosexual versus heterosexual.

 We all deserve respect, dignity and the basic human right to live our lives freely, equally and in relative peace and harmony.