Monday, 29 July 2013

Jane Doe - Level 5.

Paedophiles, pornography and the law.

(Trigger Warning)

(This will be an ongoing blog post)

This primary teacher only receives 6 months for downloading one of the worst kinds of child pornography - Bestiality.
News story

And this man only gets a suspended sentence for downloading 1 MILLION images of child pornography last year.
News story

These are just two stories. I could spend the rest of my life posting similar, but I don't have that luxury of time.
I believe that these consumers of child pornography continue with impunity and evade any real punishment and incarceration. Because paedophiles exist within the highest The law makers, judiciaries, members of government, police agencies and other forms of the elite.
I have been saying for years, that 'paedosexuality' is a sexual orientation. A sexual preference. And that there are millions of them, that emerge from all walks of life and every occupation that exists.
The SAP (sentence advisory panel) U.K. states - Level 5- sadism and bestiality.

Rather than repeat my personal insight about paedophiles, as I have in my 'unedited chapter on this blog) I am just going to post certain links. So that everyone can read/ see for themselves - The truth and knowledge about these sexual psychopaths, who have always..and always will prey on our children.

Please do not choose to look away- You can do something about it.
Whether you report these crimes, donate to the relevant causes, protect and educate your children. Or simply spread the awareness.
And please remember- paedophiles are not just 'weird, old lonely men in raincoats, hanging around kiddies parks'  
They are of every age and description, in EVERY profession, and They may have their eyes on your child right now!

The 'Toy' - Dedicated to the paedophile unit at New Scotland Yard.

An interview with a sadistic paedophile..(trigger warning) hard to watch, but you need to be informative when it comes to protecting your children. Like this man- respected in his job, had a wife and children..yet was sadistically raping children- including his own stepson.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sanctuary for survivors of abuse

I have just launched a funding campaign in order to help victims and survivors of abuse. You may donate (anything) You can pay via paypal.. Or just clicking the link will help my cause. I thank you in advance...

Please take a look at my campaign link-Thank you!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Adult Personal Services...

...or rather...Paying to sexually assault and rape.

If you purchase a product-say on Ebay, and you receive that item through the post. You expect only the best for your money. A prompt delivery service,with the goods- unbroken and intact. And also the correct size,colour etc.
Following that, you may or may not- write the sellers a good review or indeed, a bad one. Depending on whether you are happy or unhappy with the seller and in order to recommend or warn off other potential customers.

You can also do the same if you buy (Rent) a girls or woman's body for an hour or so. You can write a good review, if you are happy or a bad review, if you are dissatisfied with the product (service provider).
You can then post it on 'prostitution review sites' such as this U.K one - 'PunterNet'  ("the most successful of the prostitute-reviewing sites" London Evening Standard" )
prostitution reviews

So, if your 'service provider' was compliant and submissive to all of your sexual demands.
 For example- If she was the 'dirtiest' of whores, who likes being slapped in the face, her hair pulled, treated very rough and enjoys being gang raped.  Then you can recommend her to other customers.
On the other hand, if your service provider did not respond well to your sexual demands, because...
[Actual words of the punters]

 'She was psychologically damaged'
 'A drug user'
''Slack holed (From too many customers)'
 'Bruised all over and painfully thin'
 'Just lies there, staring coldly at the ceiling'  or 'Behaves like a dead fish or corpse'
 'Does not show enjoyment'
 'Too sore- from up to 20 hole renters a day'
 'Demonstrates horror and disgust'
 'Hates the work and just lies there with her eyes closed' or 'She constantly grimaces in pain and so it only lasts a few minutes'
Then you- as a paying customer, can write your bad review- in order to warn other punters to not waste their money and to stay away from the likes of her.
And even though, many of these punters know, that the majority of these girls and women are prostituted by pimps- via brothels, masquerading as escort agencies, saunas and massage parlours. Who Illegally and with impunity. Continuously rent out- used, abused and damaged goods for cash. The punters don't care.
 Because, they-as customers feel that they are entitled to a first class service. Where they should be able to gratify their most depraved, selfish, degrading sexual fantasies and urges on healthy, sexually motivated and highly responsive women- Who are willing and happy to satisfy their every demand.

Do these punters ever wonder why there are so many unsatisfied customers?
And isn't prostitution illegal in the U.K???
Examples of prostitution reviews by punters (Trigger warning)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Girls can do HORROR too!

In 1971, when I was eleven years old, I started to get into horror movies, magazines and books. I loved it! But, when I began drawing images of horror. Everyone around me, seemed to shun and chastise me. And even though my male counterparts, gleefully drew their pictures of horror, which consisted of blood thirsty monsters, people getting shot, stabbed and hacked up or soldiers being blown to pieces.  My images were frowned upon. I was viewed as 'disturbed'. My teachers at school would try and dissuade me from rendering the blood, gore and deformed figures that I drew. They would say "Why are you doing such horrible pictures-why don't you draw nice things?"

It seemed to be okay, expected and almost encouraged for males to render horror. It was yet another accepted  'Boys will be boys' kinda deal.
 This is how they are, and girls shouldn't be this way. Girls should draw happy, nice things, like flowers, fairies and unicorns.
They made me feel so bad about myself, that I stopped drawing what I wanted, and began drawing to appease others around me. I drew animals, flowers and movie stars. And although the reactions were favourable and flattering, I wasn't really happy. I was made to feel as though there was something wrong with me! And at the time, I felt such resentment to the boys, because they could do whatever they pleased.
When I look back, I see that it was all a case of gender conditioning. Imposed upon me, by teachers, parents, society and the media.

So, my life had begun as a baby girl, forced to wear frilly dresses, knickers and bows. I was merely an ornament. Who's main role in life was to look pretty, be polite, cook and clean, and serve the males around me, in the hope that I would procure a rich husband and live happily ever after.  I can remember being so angry and resentful inside, as I had to spend most of my childhood doing household drudgery. whilst my brothers did nothing and enjoyed complete freedom.
After a while, I stopped drawing altogether. I could not derive any pleasure from drawing the nice things that I was supposed to. I gave up my only source of expression.
Then, in 2000, I began to draw and paint again, in order to make money at my local art galleries. I was selling very 'nice' pictures of flowers, trees and landscapes. But, I was not happy. I was completely bored, unfulfilled  and it was so very servile.
 Then one day, I just decided to paint EXACTLY what I wanted to paint! I had found and embraced my freedom of expression! And this time -nobody was going to tell me what to paint or what not to paint EVER AGAIN!!
In 2007, when I first posted my horror art onto the internet. I received very mixed reactions. Some thought it great, but others called me names like 'Evil' 'Satanic' 'Witch' 'Disturbed' and 'Fucked-up'
And again, many people would say (And still say) "Why don't you paint 'nice' things?'
Would those same people ask male horror artists the same question? or horror writers like Stephen King to write about pleasantries? I don't think so! It would not even occur to them!

So, as I look around on the internet in 2013, nothing much has changed. The horror industry is still male dominated.
Although, I am happy to say that my art is being used as covers for horror books. It's a good start. And hopefully, it will be inspirational to other girls and women. Who, like me, were/ are suppressed into those oppressive, traditional female roles.

So, whatever gender you are. And whether you are a boy who likes fairies or a girl who likes monsters -  Be whatever you want to be... not what others expect you to be!