Monday, 29 July 2013

Jane Doe - Level 5.

Paedophiles, pornography and the law.

(Trigger Warning)

(This will be an ongoing blog post)

This primary teacher only receives 6 months for downloading one of the worst kinds of child pornography - Bestiality.
News story

And this man only gets a suspended sentence for downloading 1 MILLION images of child pornography last year.
News story

These are just two stories. I could spend the rest of my life posting similar, but I don't have that luxury of time.
I believe that these consumers of child pornography continue with impunity and evade any real punishment and incarceration. Because paedophiles exist within the highest The law makers, judiciaries, members of government, police agencies and other forms of the elite.
I have been saying for years, that 'paedosexuality' is a sexual orientation. A sexual preference. And that there are millions of them, that emerge from all walks of life and every occupation that exists.
The SAP (sentence advisory panel) U.K. states - Level 5- sadism and bestiality.

Rather than repeat my personal insight about paedophiles, as I have in my 'unedited chapter on this blog) I am just going to post certain links. So that everyone can read/ see for themselves - The truth and knowledge about these sexual psychopaths, who have always..and always will prey on our children.

Please do not choose to look away- You can do something about it.
Whether you report these crimes, donate to the relevant causes, protect and educate your children. Or simply spread the awareness.
And please remember- paedophiles are not just 'weird, old lonely men in raincoats, hanging around kiddies parks'  
They are of every age and description, in EVERY profession, and They may have their eyes on your child right now!

The 'Toy' - Dedicated to the paedophile unit at New Scotland Yard.

An interview with a sadistic paedophile..(trigger warning) hard to watch, but you need to be informative when it comes to protecting your children. Like this man- respected in his job, had a wife and children..yet was sadistically raping children- including his own stepson.

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