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Violent pornography normalises and incites sexually motivated murders.

Georgia Williams (17)

Jamie Reynolds was another sexually sadistic serial killer in the making, who was obsessed and excited by extreme, violent pornography. The problem here- Like these similar cases Ted Bundy, Vincent Tabak Maury Travis,  Nathan Matthews,   John Maden (To name but a few)  The initial excitement that fuelled their fantasies via sexually violent pornography - Diminishes to such an extent, that they are left utterly disappointed and are no longer able to perform, reach sexual fulfilment and climax. They have exhausted and exceeded every nasty, sadistic aspect of hurting, degrading, humiliating and killing women via images and videos, that they become both psychologically and sexually flaccid. Because it is their 'Fantasies' that drives the most prominent aspect of their lives, the sexual psychopath cannot exist without feeling power and control and this he can only achieve by eroticising sadistic sexual acts before, during or after killing a female victim. All this cannot just end or go away. It is who they are. It is inherent. So the only option for them, is to take the next step. The next level; In order to feel power, control and sexual arousal again. Unfortunately, that next step is to fantasise, plan and execute a real murder of a real woman.

Georgia Williams murder fulfilled killer's sadistic fantasy

Georgia Williams and Jamie Reynolds

 Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation

David Parker Ray
 David Parker Ray Also known as the 'Toy box killer' As a teenager, his sexual fantasies of raping, torturing, and even murdering women developed. Also,around this time, his sister discovered Ray's sadomasochistic drawings, as well as erotic photographs of bondage acts.
Ray sexually tortured and presumably killed his victims in a $100,000 home-made torture chamber he called his "toy box", that he built out of an old mobile home.
The 'Toy box'


 David Parker Ray would play a tape of his demands to his victims who were captured and bound within his 'Toy box' 

Inside the toybox where women were sexually tortured

The tape, labeled "Your Wedding Day," showed Travis tying women up and torturing and raping them. One scene showed him apparently strangling one of his victims to death.

Reynolds was known to the police and health agencies at the age of fourteen for his obsession with violent pornography and snuff movies. His parents had already placed him in the care of a psychiatrist and had taken away his internet, which he had bypassed with his own server.
At the age of seventeen he had already lured a girl to his house in order to strangle, rape and film her in 2008. She fights back and escapes with her life. Reynolds, 17 at the time, was given a final warning over the incident, which the police treated as an assault. Weeks later, images of women he knew with ropes digitally added around their necks were found on his computer by his parents and handed to the police.

Jamie Reynolds

 A doctor then assessed Reynolds as being a significant risk to others on the basis that he seemed to have "progressed from viewing sexually violent pornography to ac upon it"

Jamie Reynolds
 By the time he was 22, having amassed 16,800 images and 72 videos of sexual violence, he had progressed to murder.   

In 2013 he lures Georgia Williams to his house. Within the space of half an hour, he hangs her by a rope and rapes her corpse whilst taking images in every room. Reynolds had previously told therapists he found images of strangulation arousing and had experimented with asphyxiation using a plastic bag, a report said. Had Georgia's parents had any inkling of Reynolds' dangerous desires they would never have let their daughter go to his house. But they were completely in the dark.

"Georgia died because the suspect had more rights than the victims."

So, here we are yet again! The agencies involved apologise and states
'Lessons will be learned'

Really?? Will that be after the next victim..Or the one after that..and the one after that... 

Georgia,her sister Scarlett and father Steve

(Trigger warning) This video contains horrific details of a woman's murder and her incredibly distraught family members.

Criminal psychologist- The problem with porn and sex offenders

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