Friday, 14 August 2015

Response to a prostitution apologist

I came across this kyle Kulinski video regarding Amnesty's decision to decriminalise sex workers, pimps and brothels.  His analysis of things is often very intelligent and he is passionate about what he is discussing. But this time I feel that he hasn’t done his research.

He backs up his claims from a t.v reality show and says "Go ask the girls at the bunny ranch"

He makes two main arguments -

One is a strawman, saying that everybody who is against legalising prostitution is old fashioned and puritanical. That sex is wrong and paying for sex is just immoral on the face of it. Also that we are calling everybody who says that they are happy in prostitution liars.

The second is a composition fallacy. Saying that prostitution is always better when it is legal. He makes the comparison between alcohol prohibition, and how making it illegal made the situation worse. And assumes that the case is the same with prostitution.

The reason we are against it, is because we can see that even in cases where prostitution is legal, there is still exploitation.

Here is an example of a mega brothel in Germany, where prostitution is legal. It was recently raided by police under suspicion of human trafficking, forced prostitution and fraud.

'Josie, who’s 23 and has spent four years in the sex trade, reckons she has slept with 15,000 men. The key item in her make-up bag is a tube of Xylocaine, a local anaesthetic gel that numbs the inevitable physical pain that results from sleeping with up to 20 men a day.'

A report on the legal sex industry in Nevada, showing how it really works in a legal brothel.

"Legalising this industry does not result in the closing down of illegal sex establishments," says Farley, "it merely gives them further permission to exist."

 A 2-year research study of Nevada legal and illegal prostitution and sex trafficking reveals human rights violations against women in the Nevada legal brothels.

Testimonial from an former sex worker.

"What happens in legal brothels is sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sometimes rape," Farley said. "Despite the claims to the contrary, legal prostitution does not protect women from the violence, verbal abuse, physical injury or diseases such as HIV that occur in illegal prostitution."

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