Sunday, 24 March 2013

"How many bound and gagged females can you fit in a Figo hatchback?"

Answer- 3 apparently..I wonder if they actually tested it out??

This is an Indian advertising campaign for Figo Htchback in order to demonstrate the car's roomy boot. Which was unveiled only a few days after the indian parliment passed a major anti-rape law, incited by the country's shocking sexual violence and murders of females.

This is akin to VW plugging the size of their vehicles car space, by depicting how many Jew's you can fit in the boot; During the holocaust.

I was deeply shocked and angry when I saw this. Don't  these advertising guy's actually realise that they are mocking and contributing to the objectification of females, in a world of unrelenting sexism, rape culture and physical and sexual abuse...And does Ford approve of this.


Ford have apologised...But my guess is that it was a publicity stunt. And my concerns are the poll and the comments on this link from the Toronto sun in a poll.... more people thought the advert was hilarious rather than appalled... and the frivolous comments underneath. Now this is the real concern...



  1. Disgusting. Thank you for making people aware of this.

  2. You are most welcome, we need to make a stand and say that this is NOT acceptable! Thank you for your comment..