Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Boys will be Boys!

 Now that the Steubenville boys are locked up and Two teenage girls were charged with menacing today for allegedly threatening the victim...

 I for one am relieved!
I cannot say how many times I have been infuriated by the leniency of perpetrators and the victim blaming of courts and society.
 It's always the same when it's a celebrity or sports personality. The media often reports about the 'tragedy'' of the now tainted offender and how they have 'ruined their career' etc..
 I guess in this case, the eyes of the world were upon Steubenville and they probably felt that they needed to hold these people accountable

But, my guess is..that if it wasn't for the 'evidence' and obvious outrage that they posted naked images of the victim...this case would of been under the radar and the prosecution would of torn the victim to shreds by victim blaming..ie..she was drunk,she wore revealing clothes, she had plenty of sexual experiences...etc.. and it's good to hear that they are taking the internet threats seriously..after all, they wouldn't want another Amanda Todd on their hands do they! 

Here is the video where the 'Boys' are joking about the victim...

Michael Nodianos is the speaker in the video.
Drunk Steubenville High School athletes making jokes about the rape of a 16 year old girl, whose violation was tweeted, pics posted to social networks and more back in august,.

Here is the misogynistic text that was provided for court's evidence...


Here is a screengrab of the malicious online texts....


Victim Blaming!!  
 like the Steubenville victim..for being intoxicated... The Glen Ridge victim was equally blamed...for being 'promiscuous' even though she had the mental age of an 8 year old!

High school football team raped mentally challenged girl 

It's not just 'Rape culture' it's 'Blame culture' That exacerbates the psychological trauma of the victim and hinders recovery. And this goes for most victims of rape...unless there is DNA and/or physical trauma evidence...


  1. What is sad is that Amanda Todd, even after killing herself. Has a hate page on facebook. Facebook won't take the page down either. I'm glad for once that justice is served, so this poor girl can move on and heal.

  2. Very sad Jamie...this is unfortunately the world that we live in. And hopefully other judicial agencies will follow.