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The commercialisation of sex crimes

The commercialisation of sex crimes

aka- hard-core / Gonzo pornography

My Thoughts...
Anyone in the world... including children; At the click of a mouse, can actually watch the most sexually violent crimes in the comfort of their own homes, workplace, school or indeed 'on the go'.
In reality, most people would be horrified if they observed say a 'Gang rape' occurring in front of their eyes and would hopefully help the victim by calling the police. And if it were a child who witnessed such a heinous act, would definitely be in need of therapy for PTSD.

Yet...thousands of adults and children are viewing such sexual violence like gang rape, everyday, all over the globe. These crimes have become to many, both accessible and acceptable in this pornified rape culture of ours.
 One of the psychological aspects of this, is that the consumer can view these act's anonymously, giving a sense of legitimacy and the capability of emotional  aversion and detachment.
Adding to this problem is the false belief that the 'actress' is actually enjoying being gang raped. Which are the lies fed to the consumer by the pornographers.
 Being gang raped by numerous  males would be both psychologically and physically incredibly damaging. And as I have said before (please read in my 'sex industry' blog) most of the 'actresses' are either trafficking or self abuse victims.
So, even if some of these actresses are genuinely  'enjoying' being gang raped...that does not account for all those who are forced or coerced into these acts. In other don't really know under what circumstances you are watching.

Therefore, these combined elements, psychologically justifies the acceptable viewing of sexual violence. Whether it be curiosity, sex education, entertainment or self gratification; This fuels the demand for more victims (both within pornography and reality) and increased sexual violence, to satisfy those who's cravings escalate, due to a diminished sexual/emotional responsiveness to over exposure of stimulus. It also becomes a serious addiction that can be incredibly detrimental to their psyche.

Overtime and after excessive exposure, these said acts become so tolerant and acceptable, that they lead to total desensitization. Which in turn, promotes a distorted view of beliefs and attitudes; That women crave and enjoy sexual violence. This is especially significant in many young boy's, who's neurological pathways are not mature enough to form social attitudes, moral behaviour, human complexities and world opinion.
 And added to that is the sexualisation of  many young girls, objectification, sexism and self objectification.  Also, the belief that 'females deserve to be raped because of what society and the judicial system implies, by victim blaming and leniency on the perpetrators. There is also the element of social acceptance and tolerance amongst their peers.

So, it is this and the following generations of immature, misguided and impressionable minds, that should cause most concern.
Already, there is a marked increase of 'child sex crimes' incited by pornography...which includes gang rapes by aged 10- 13 year olds as noted in the media and by police agencies.
There is also a marked increase in 'Entertainment rape' amongst young people, who post and share these crimes as mere entertainment.  I think that the words 'shock value' no longer exists in this so called 'freedom of speech' generation. Where young people view sexual crimes on the internet as humorous and make jokes about such horrendous abuses, such as 'gender based violence' and the 'raping of Babies'.
And my belief is that these crimes committed by children will escalate beyond comprehension in the coming years. So if we don't act now..what will our society become, in terms of moral and virtuous behaviour, serious escalation of sexual violence, physical and psychological harm and safety, sexism and misogyny, increased child sex abuse and immeasurable trafficking victims.
The only thing that I believe in helping to combat these attitudes, beliefs and crimes, is to educate young children, by approved, external agencies within schools.
It seems to me, that this age of the internet is regressing to past barbaric acts of  entertainment and acceptance, such as a 'family day out' at public executions, gladiator slaying's, public viewing of witch burning and feeding religious people to the lions.

The only difference being, is that they don't go and watch public sexual violence collectively. They just click..and share.

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