Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A child of no consequence.

A child of no consequence.

Yet another rape and death of a child in India.
This tiny human being, this little girl, this small daughter..is just one story, plucked out from thousands of similar stories.
This beautiful, innocent girl, died from chronic internal injuries, inflicted by the unbelievable callousness of her rapist.
Human rights were meaningless and non-existent to this poor, defenceless child.

But...If she had been born a child of consequence. If she had been the daughter of a President, a Prime-minister, Royalty, the Elite or even a Celebrity. It would have been a 'Big Deal'.
It would have been a big deal to the mass media, the judiciaries, to society and to the world.
The perpetrator would have been found and brought to justice, swiftly and dealt with severely.
There would have been public outcry and an outpouring of sympathy.
There would maybe, be a change of law. A memorial and maybe a school or children's hospital named after her.
The worlds media would run constant stories, including the arrest and trial of the rapist and murderer. There would be endless internet discussions and documentaries made.
This story would reverberate all around this empathetic planet for many years after.

But...This little girl was not a child of consequence.
Her tiny, damaged body will be buried under the ground and forgotten...just like her story, and the thousands of other stories like hers.

What kind of world do we live in, when only the rapes and deaths of children of consequence are addressed in such worldly regard and the poor and insignificant children are dismissed like yesterdays newspaper.

She was not just one of 'India's daughters' She was one of the Worlds daughters...She was one of my daughters...and she was one of yours. 

This  woman is one of life's real heroes, in my opinion she deserves a nobel prize for helping India's sex-trafficked children. She has seen  first hand..the destruction of childrens raped bodies...please check out her website and help her.

And see her speak here- 



  1. i,m sharing this, someone was asking for help to contact advocates/campaigners in india. thanks for sharing this.