Monday, 1 January 2018

Only Women Bleed

Only Women Bleed.

I hated the dresses I was forced to wear
Boys would laugh, boys would stare
As they saw my knickers and said
'You can't play with’re just a girl'
I mustn't be angry, I mustn't be rough
I mustn't climb trees or play in the mud
I must always be good, always smile
Sit on laps and say yes to hugs.
I was always so pretty and cute as a doll
An object of desire
The man told me this when I was six
So if I told.. I would be the liar
It was all my fault
I was such a little slut.
I watched him break my mothers face
And felt the power of men
Bitches were weak
Not allowed to speak
Muzzled by constant fear.

I had to clean and cook each day
To look after men's needs and wants
I had to know my place as I cried
And felt the resentment rise inside
With that fucking smile still upon my face
Faced with porn and adverts galore
Humiliated to the core
They had me surrounded
My life was confounded
This was an act of war
Men had the right to touch my hair
To fuck my holes
As if I weren’t there
It never really mattered though
Because I didn't care.

I couldn't fight with all my might, because I was just a girl
A girl who bled, had an empty head and had nothing much to say
A girl who obeyed, a girl that served. A lower being was I
I was being good, as told that I should.. and silent to the end
Even when raped, I never told. Never wanted that shame you see
Reinforced the whore, the girl next door..the Jezebel in me.

The men that took me when I was sweet sixteen, fetched them a better price
I was young female meat, so good to eat. More enjoyable to destroy
Forced into porn to feed the dogs, they made a killing out of me
Reaping rewards that went towards.. a lifestyle of the rich
Whilst I remained poor, a disgusting whore... an insignificant dirty bitch.

Deterioration took hold, a gift to behold, given to me by them
I pissed out blood, my skin fell off, my skeletal remains were found
The policeman said it was all my fault, his words were so profound
I knew he was right, been told all my life, I turned good men into bad
A witch, a whore, a temptress bitch. I deserved what I got and more.

My sister the same, she knew the game.
Be silent when males have the upper hand
The hand that broke her bones.. that carry the baby born from rape
By her husband, the nice guy who would give you his last
Destroyed her until she became a ghost of her past, that still mourns for the life
That she could of had
Should of had
If it had not been for him.

I bore two children in excruciating pain
Our bloods mingled as one
They gave me life
As I gave life to them
I would of died for them
The first time I ever felt power
Was that of a Mothers love
No man can touch that
No man can feel that
No man has that power
Only Women bleed.

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