Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I heard that wincing phrase yet again today. This time not from a man, but a ten-year-old boy referring to "women who do porn" as "dirty sluts" who must enjoy it ... because they smile.
The smile may well rationalise and justify their gratification or entertainment at watching women (and men) being gang raped, throat raped, anally raped, sexually mutilated/tortured/penetrated by instruments/objects/animals, ejaculated on, urinated on, defecated on ...
The trouble is that the consumer of porn does not or does not want to see beyond that smile because they enjoy it, for if they saw tears and screams instead, most could not derive pleasure from it. They don't see the women who are forced into this abhorrent industry through trafficking by pimps who own these valuable commodities, these submissive, yielding, worthless sexual objects. They don't see the absolute power and terror held over them by means of rape, torture, beatings, drugs, and death threats. They don't see the gun pointing at their heads that produces that pleasurable smile, because the pornographers know that if there was no smile—no detection of enjoyment—their profitable empires would more or less collapse.
So, as long as they can manipulate consumers into believing that these women "enjoy" being degraded, debased, and humiliated, they need not worry that their audience would object and reject such a heinous violation of a human being.
The other women (an estimated 70%) that smile are those who have been pimped since childhood, sexually abused since childhood. Be it personal, pornography, or prostitution, these atrocities all develop serious detrimental and external consequences such as drug dependency, alcoholism, self-harm/hatred, and abuse.
The myth that women in general enjoy pleasurable acts such as fisting, deep throat, and anal penetration comes from the pornographers themselves; they feed these artful lies to the porn consumers. What they fail to say is just how many of these women end up in emergency rooms. Not many women outside the realms of pornography would find these degrading and seriously damaging acts "sexually enjoyable."Especially those who have been sexually abused as children and are re-enacting the abuse by self harm/hate/abuse, Which is a manifestation of PTSD. Or women that have been coerced by their partners who are incited by pornography. And let's not forget the children who are forced to perform these psychologically and physically damaging acts in the name of self gratification and monetary reasons.
The human right act states ...
that no human being should have to endure abuse/slavery/torture and degradation ... in the political sense of the word, but that obviously does not apply to pornography, prostitution, and slave trafficking.
In the US, the courts uphold rights for consumers to possess pornography because it violates the "freedom of speech" protections of the first amendment.
What about the freedom of speech of these violated women? Do they not have "freedom of speech" because they are deemed subhuman? Or is it because ...
they are silenced by a large, raping penis, ramming their throats against a wall for the billion dollar profits and entertainment enjoyed by millions of colluders (conscious or subconscious) who are totally responsible for these odious acts of sexual crimes against women ...
for without the consumers of porn ...
there would be no pornography.
A smile costs nothing ...
except maybe your life ...

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Suzzan Blac- February 2009.

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